G2P logo

G2P logo

Concept design logo. The G stands for Grip or Great, in fact it’s not a G but a twisted arrow that grabs in the 2. In addition to the Grip, the arrow also emphasizes strength and dynamics through the rotating and upward movement.

The 2 stands for the English word ‘to’ and fits exactly in the ‘mouth’ of the G. The 2 elevates the power of the G as well.

Just like the G, the P has the same width of lines everywhere so that it does not fall out of tune. In fact, the P is of minor importance and can be applied here any letter.

G2P logo

Simplicity and plainness are the soul of elegance

Charles Dickens
English writer 1812-1870
Old Curiosity Shop (1841)



Used software

  • Adobe Illustrator