This tip shows you how to quickly and accurately set the horizon of a photo in Adobe Photoshop


  • Select the ruler tool in Adobe Photoshop, you will find it in the tool menu.
  • Click and drag a line over the horizon, you can adjust it afterwards so that it follows the horizon exactly.
  • From the menu, go to > Image > Rotate Image > Adjustable…
  • Here you can see that an angle has already been entered, this is the angle you just determined by drawing the line.
  • Now click on OK and the image will be set straight.

The second part of the video shows you how to cut out the photo very accurately. The way of working shown there is particularly useful for large images. Below is a brief description of how to do this.

  • Position a guide line accurately at each corner by zooming in far first.
  • To do this pixel perfectly, you can first make a small selection at the place where you want to cut out the image. The guide will then automatically snap to the selection.
  • Once you have created the four guides, you can use the crop tool to cut out the image.
Tip: Straighten your photo in Photoshop - Animation of a photo of the sea with a crooked horizon